Creating jobs for the youths is the way to go — Timothy Olawale

Basically, with regards to the issue of employment in the economy, it is still a cause for concern, even what was released by National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, last quarter is suspect because we know that whatever credibility it has it is very conservative.The reality out there is that much job has not been generated. And that is why we believe that we continue an effective implementation of ERGP (Economic Recovery and Growth Plan) of Government. It’s the direction to go. With continued stimulation of the economy through fiscal policies of government we believe government attention to the real sector of the economy should be sustained. This is because it is the real sector of the economy that can drive employment generation and employment growth. We will be able to turn around the economy. Most of the social problems we are facing are an outcome of the massive of unemployment of our youths. The IPOB issue is a ready example in the South East, and this is because they are not employed. Those in the North East because of lack of jobs, they are readily available for the insurgency. And we have a couple of them in the South West as well which also underscores the fact that government needs to tackle the issue of employment with all the seriousness it deserves.
Now NECA had just started an initiative as part of support to the government to tackle the issue of unemployment, and that has to do with our NECApreneur initiative. That is basically an online virtual way of creating the entrepreneurial spirit in our youth. Through online, you can learn how to generate and manage your own business as a youth. Not only those that have shops, even those that are in school within the school system can as well learn the rudiments and put them into practice. The target is rather than chasing after white collar jobs, which has always been our problem we want to create an army of youth that will be able to start their own businesses, manage their own businesses instead of running after jobs; they can be employers of labour in their own little way.
Mr. Timothy Olawale is the Acting Director-General of Nigerian Employers’ Consultative Association, NECA

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