Steven Babalola

Babalola Oluwaferanmi Stephen

Born On March 8,2000 he lives in Ogun/Oyo state,

He loves  basketball /and dancing

Freestyle phenomenal, break and step dancing

He told us the history of his freestyle and it went thus

I have always been dancing, especially when I started to watch M.J (of blessed memory)in school I would dance everywhere in corridors sometimes it'll actually look like madness.

So when I left secondary school i I thought of just doing something to free me from boredom so I mademy first video of me  dancing to humble by Kendrick Lamar, and I told my best friend about it and he started helping too, so now I'm still struggling to get a name and place in the dance community, so help get the word out

His advice to other freestylers is"if you are a freestyle dancer out there keep improving, keep doing what you love, and don't stop"

Bellow are his social handle follow and get the best of freestyle


Fb:Babalola Oluwaferanmi Stephen

Whatsapp :09022313456

YouTube:Steven B(

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