Conte hints plans to again shake up Chelsea formation

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is ready to shake up his tactics again for the new season.
Reflecting on the 2016/17 campaign, Conte highlighted their formation change as a key moment and he is once again looking at how tactical switches can have an impact on their fortunes.
"After a season, it's important to understand what were the positive things and what were the negative things," he explained ahead of this afternoon's Community Shield against Arsenal. "This is the situation you need in order to improve and make your team stronger.
"I think, for sure, the positive thing was our formation, our system, because we found the right balance offensively and defensively and it was very important for our season.
"We have to continue to work with our players on specific situations, both offensively and defensively – to try to find a new attack, or a new tactical situation with our defensive line, whether we want to defend higher or lower.
"After a season I think it's right to review everything to improve your team in a tactical and physical aspect and to change something

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