A miracle worker in government house

Sitting in his office while speaking to Anthony Eshemokhai of NAIJ.com, Governor Umar Ganduge cuts the picture of a man that knows where he is coming from, he knows where he is and definitely knows where he is taking Kano state to.
His confidence and eloquence of speech reminds you of one who is totally in control and knows his onions. In the lobby of his office lays a giant prototype design of a mega city properly planned and showing that the new face lift of the state of Kano is not by accident but borne out of a carefully planned process.
It is little surprise that the infrastructural developments, the giant strides he is making in the health, and agricultural sector are a testimony to a man who has taken governance a notch higher than just occupying government house, to one who delivers what the people who voted him truly desires.
This man has simply walked boldly where many feared to tread. Like the story of Lazarus in the bible brought back to life after 3 days of sojourn in the land of the spirits, this man has virtually ‘resurrected’ dead projects in Kano State, some of which were abandoned over 3 decades ago. With 3 words, the dead Lazarus came back to life.
Governor Umar Ganduge did just 3 things to achieve the feat in Kano State. He cut down the cost of governance and the remuneration of political office holders, pruned down ministries from 19 to 13 and blocked all revenue leakages.
The entire Kano State is wearing a new look with better roads network with working street lights, several flyovers and under passes were constructed across the state and this has actually fazed out traffic congestion from the state. In just 2 years in the saddle in Kano state, Governor Ganduge has simply surpassed the achievements of several predecessors since the return of democracy in 1999. If that is not a miracle, what else is?
The under passes are unique as it provides ease of traffic from strategic locations that used to experience traffic gridlock. Are the roads limited to the capital city alone? Not at all. Governor Ganuge introduced what he calls‘’Kakara Salam Alekun’’ meaning the rural areas, here we come. Through the program, access roads have been created for those in the rural villages to have at least motorable roads to sell their farm produce. With the large population and those in the rural areas still depending largely on traditional birth attendants, Governor Ganduge took over 2000 of such birth attendants and got them trained on modern methods of birthing babies and also when to refer births to proper hospitals. Tricycles ambulance were also provided to transport emergency cases to hospitals.
Still on health, very soon, political office holders and the wealthy will have no need to spend hard currencies to seek medical treatment abroad. Go to Ginginyu Specialist Hospital to see why. The hospital which is about 90% complete boasts of world class equipment that make the wealthy go abroad for treatment.
The most recent MRI machine, CT Scan machines, the most recent X-Ray technology, dialysis room (for kidney and liver patients), centre for chemotherapy for cancer patients etc were simply out of this world.
The Ginginyu Specialist Hospital and its potentials of saving so much on the foreign currency flight on health ground has received accolades from NAIJ.com who was on the ground for first-hand assessment. Take it from NAIJ.com, Governor Ganduge has performed a miracle in the health sector with this achievement. Doubting Thomases will get their shame once Gingiyu Specialist Hospital is operational.
To cater for employment generation to the teeming population of Kano state, the administration of Governor Ganduge has trained over 5,000 youths on various skills acquisition including ICT training. Kano state Skill Acquisition centre is still under construction after carrying out a detailed survey on a need basis. The first batch of beneficiaries were sent to PAN in Kaduna where they learnt auto engineering maintenance. Another batch of 100 men and 50 women later followed to give the women a sense of belonging.
Water supply and agriculture are very dear to the governor. Several bore holes projects were done by the governor to give the populace drinkable water. The irrigation provided by the governor has ensured all season farming.
Improved seedlings and fertilizers distribution were personally handled by the governor thereby eliminating all forms of middlemen. To enhance agricultural production, the Kano state Agricultural Supply Company(KASCO) is now fully operational and is producing fertilizers which are currently serving even neighbouring states.
NAIJ.com also had a chat with the Commissioner for Works and Housing RT. Hon Haruna Shehu Lambu. It was a litany of achievements from a man who is obviously the arrow head of the governor’s infrastructural developments.
One thing was agreed between the honourable commissioner and Anthony Eshemokhai of NAIJ.com - Kano state with 44 local government areas and the highest population in Nigeria is a mini country. Any man who is capable of properly annexing and managing the complexities of Kano state and ensure peace and development is capable of running the entire country Nigeria. Time will tell if this is prophetic.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is what millions of words. Watch this video and know that the hype of Governor Ibrahim Umar Ganduge in Kano is beyond mere propaganda:

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